Thanks for stopping by!  If you're familiar with The Villages®, you know it's like Disney for grown ups.  If you've not yet visited TVs, you're in for an adventure!

In 2019 my sister left New York in search of a warmer climate and change of scenery.  Her first stop was my home in New Smyrna Beach. We spent a few weeks traveling all over the state together looking for the perfect spot for her to call home. 

You know where this is going, right? Gotcha...you don't!  Well if you guessed that we came to check out TVs, you are correct! We checked into  a lovely Airbnb home while we explored the community. My sister ended up renting a place until she found her perfect home. A month later I came to visit her, met with a realtor and purchased my patio villa the first day he and I spent together! It was just such an easy decision!

In order to provide full disclosure, I'll share that I had been looking for a rental property for sometime in Volusia County, where I resided. I had experience as a landlord, having owned rental properties in Delaware and Maryland off and on since the mid 1980's. One visit to TVs and I knew it was the perfect spot. Being only 2 hours from my home, we could hop over  between rentals as needed. 

PS. My sister bought a lovely Designer home in The Village of Marsh Bend after renting for about eight months. In August 2024 Fred and I finally became full time Villagers! 

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