I've been generating income by renting my property in Maryland for many years, and purchased my first rental home in The Villages® in 2019. I've learned quite a bit and here I am, ready to share with you. Even if you have been renting  your properties for many years, this manual will more than pay for itself with all the tips I've picked up  in my experience as a landlord and through the hours of research I've done to prepare this manual for you. If you are not a member of the Facebook page 'Landlords of The Villages®' please, join our group with over 2600 Villages landlords.  I established this FB group for landlords as an avenue for sharing ideas, networking, sharing leads and helping out new landlords. Be sure to also join my companion FB page, Home Rentals in The Villages® FL where landlords promote their rentals and renters come to find the perfect rental (over 5000 members. There is no fee for either party to use these pages. ORDER NOW.



The tools for managing your rental property manual will be delivered electronically in a customizable format. 

This manual includes a FREE 3 month subscription to when you purchase a 12 month subscription. Check it out! 



The tools you’ll need to run a successful rental business. A Florida attorney approved lease and golf cart waiver, best places to advertise (some for free) bookkeeping form, how to screen guests, guest check list. Information on how stock your home, where to register your business, get licensed and much more.



Includes everything your guests need to know about your property from check in to check out. Customize this part to your specifications and print out a copy for your guest binder to be left in the rental unit and E-mail a copy to your guest. I send mine out about month before arrival.   


 PART THREE Resident & Visitor's Guide

(Included free with purchase of Landlord's Guide)

 A directory of areas of interest to explore in Central Florida, broken down by mileage from The Villages. Everything from the local movie theatre to my personal favorite place to visit,  historic St. Augustine, the first area of Florida discovered by Spanish settlers. You'll find museums to visit, state parks and fun places to take the grandkids . ORDER NOW.

ForLandlords and Guests